Professional Services Group

Helping South West businesses win Hinkley contracts

Formed to assist companies wanting to supply into the Hinkley Point C construction project, the Professional Services Group (PSG) is a collection of professional advisers who have experience supporting Hinkley C contracts or have been briefed on the project requirements.  From a range of disciplines including, legal, accounting, finance, project management, human resources and insurance, the member firms can advise businesses as they negotiate the following stages :- bid/tender preparation, contract negotiation, mobilisation and contract delivery. The Professional Services Group members can also advise on  the formation and structure of collaborative groups and consortia (if appropriate).

PSG advisers have either direct experience of advising businesses already involved with the Hinkley Point C project,  have previously advised on similar large scale NEC3 infrastructure projects or have been briefed on project requirements during dedicated PSG workshops.

Collaborative thinking

Member firms of the PSG see the benefit of collaboration, such that by sharing our skill sets and collective experience, we can contribute significantly to the success of the businesses we advise.

Supported by

Taunton Deane Borough Council