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Mrs Deb Andrews
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United Kingdom

ORMultiView designs and delivers bespoke 360 degree (or multi-rater) Feedback tools, surveys, evaluations etc to help businesses measure, embed and improve desired behaviours and skills within their organisation, or to measure employee engagement. Our clients range from small independent businesses to large global organisations; we also partner with consultancy firms to deliver their backroom survey or 360 requirements with each of our solutions designed to meet targeted needs. A 360 tool gives each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from their supervisor, peers, reporting staff and in some cases customers. The benefit to the individual is they get an understanding of how their effectiveness is viewed by others and are able to plan and map their personal development, and the organisation gets a measurement of the cultural development at that point in time and, done annually, how it changes over time. It is especially useful for managers in gauging their leadership skills and also in organisations going through change – and lets face it, that’s pretty much any organisation at any time!
We also offer our own 360 tool based on our clinical psychologists' twenty years of experience in the field of leadership development.

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