Working with Hinkley PSG

All Hinkley PSG member firms have a profile setting out their experience relevant to advising businesses supplying to the Hinkley Point C project. If you wish to use a member firm for advice you are free to select a firm and make direct contact or you may choose to undertake a more formal tender process.

Each member firm will give their time free of charge for an initial meeting at which you can assess their experience and knowledge of the Hinkley Point C project, and define the advice you require. Once you have selected a Hinkley PSG member firm you will engage with them under their normal terms and conditions of engagement.

Click here for a list and profiles of the Hinkley PSG members

Hinkley PSG members have collaborated on the production of a series of Information Sheets on common topics and will be delivering a programme of workshops relevant to supply chain needs.

Hinkley Supply Chain

The Hinkley Supply Chain Team facilitates and supports the Hinkley PSG group where needed. If you need assistance selecting a Hinkley PSG member firm, you can ask the Hinkley Point Supply Chain Team for assistance.